We are qualified accountants specialising in the childcare sector with the expertise to prepare childminding accounts, childminding tax returns and childminding payroll.





















About us

We are qualified accountants providing professional business services including basic accounts, sales forecasting, childminder payroll and online childminding tax returns. Our Director has many years of experience working in the childcare sector before setting up the accountancy practice to help the childcare sector.  You can therefore be assured that we understand the childcare sector and you can feel confident that as qualified accountants we are here to help you.  

Our practice continues to grow because we can be trusted to deliver the services that the childcare sector demands. We currently work with childminders, nannies, nurseries, before and after school clubs, childminding groups and foster care.

We offer our services to clients all over the UK and have worked with many clients from different locations from as far as Devon and Aberdeen.

Your records and paperwork

We understand what business expenditure childminders can claim for and you can be sure that we will communicate with you every step of the way on claiming what is wholly and exclusively allowable expenditure against your income and childminding tax return payment.

It doesn't matter if you keep your records in the SCMA or PACEY cash books,  all your receipts in envelopes or even in spreadsheets we will be able to help you. We forwad a checklist every year to our clients to ensure everything runs smoothly and the turn around completion rate is a great source of pride for the company.



Our partners and associates



We work in partnership with the Scottish Childminding Association  and we sponsored the childminder group award 2011 at the annual conference.

We also sponsored the individual childminder category in 2012. We advertise regularly in the "Childminding"  magazine promoting our services.


Testimonal letter

 We also received the following testimonial letter from the Chief Executive of the Scottish Childminding Association, Maggie Simpson supporting our services to the childminding sector

McDowall Accounancy Solutions has been working in partnership with Scottish Childminding Association to promote this accountancy service which is one of only a few that truly understands childminding. As childminders are self-employed they are required to complete a tax return each year and look after their finances carefully. Many childminders find this a daunting prospect but McDowall Accountancy Solutions has the experience to take care of a wide variety of tax and finance queries or record keeping issues.

Mark McDowall is always friendly, approachable and enthusiastic about working with childminders. he is a great supporter of childminding and the work of the Association and we look forward to continuing to work closely with him in the future.

We work with childminding members from the National Childminding Association and regulary advertise in the "PACEY" magazine promoting our valued services to childminding members.

We work with our childminder clients from every part of the Uk from  Childminders London, Childminders Middlesex, Childminders Southampton, Childminders Aberdeen, Childminders Edinburgh.

Referral discounts

The continued support and loyalty that we receive from childminders and other childcare clients through referrals gives us the opportunity to offer something back.

At the moment we are offering a referral promotion discount to existing clients and also to the new client. This promotion currently runs to the end of November 2014 for our loyal clients.

 Personal loans and mortgage applications

Did you know that we have seen a recent increase in the number of childminders who have requested that we prepare their accounts and childminding tax returns,  as lending regulations have tightened in the last few years. It is therefore vital that verification is qualified from accountants on client turnover and profitabilty. This may be crucial in your loan application.

Some childminders may use unqualified accountants to prepare their books and online childminding tax returns but for a very competitive fee we can do this for you. We can also prepare a standand letter and fill in  an Accountants Certificate from your lender confirming your income.

As childminders are self employed it can sometimes be difficult to obtain finance for home improvements and for mortgage applications. The banks will now scrutinise your three years annual accounts from the records that are supplied to prepare a childminding online tax return. The most important point is that in the majority of cases they want accounts prepared by qualified accountants who can verify the figures in support of loan applications. This is why it is important that you use qualified childminding accountants like ourselves.

Payroll for childminders and nannies - £125

More and more childminders and nannies are asking if we offer payroll services. The answer is simple , why use an agency for payroll and an accountant for self assessment when you just want to talk to one trusted company. We want to make your life easier so don't hesitate to use our payroll services, all you have to do is complete your monthly timesheet. We will also help you with setup and contracts if you require additional help.

Real time information was recently introduced and we can ensure that your full submissions reach HMRC on time every month.

We also prepare all the relevant year end summaries and if you need a P45 for an employee who has just left then we can get this over to you.


Fees for Childminders

Our fees are fixed at an incredible rate. We can offer basic accounts, quarterly management accounts, online childminder tax returns and childminding payroll services at rates that most qualified accountants would consider cheap.

We only bill you once we have completed your work. If you want a more comprehensive service then why not ask us to prepare quarterly management accounts. We are also finding that as more  clients grow their business then demand  for timely information and accounts increases.

Pay your fees by setting up a standing order mandate to spread your bill over the year and helping your cash flow.


How can we do this?

We mentioned that we specialise in the childcare sector and it is only through the large volume of childminding clients that we can offer our service at great prices.  We also have the expertise and experience to prepare your returns quickly and efficiently.

If you are paying over £150 as a small childminding business for your accounts and online childminding tax returns then you should be talking to us, I am sure we would be competitive in our fee pricing.

Please phone us or click on the email address directly below.




Please have a quick look at a typical advert placed in the Childminding and PACEY magazines. Please look out for future adverts and promotions for childminders.